2019: World Championship

Information around the World Championships 2019

In Spartan there are 3 different World Championships:

  • The Spartan Beast World Championship. The location of this Championship may change from year to year. In 2019 the World Championship will be held in Lake Tahoe, USA on September 28th.
  • The Spartan Ultra World Championship. The location of this Championship may change from year to year and also the concept/format of that race- it is an Ultra Format race but details can change. The location of the 2019 Ultra World Championship is still to be announced.
  • The Spartan Trifecta World Championship. Is held every year on the first weekend of November in Sparta, Greece. Over the weekend racers have to complete the 3 distances (Sprint, Super, Beast) and the overall winner will be crowned on Sunday.

For all World Championships you have to qualify- for more details visit the Championship Page.

In 2019, we're introducing some exciting new ways that you can earn your spot at the Spartan World Championship event.



Categories Eligible for Qualification:

Only Elite and Age Group racers can qualify to race on Sunday at the World Championship. Open category racers will have Saturday exclusively on the course, and can register for this day without restriction.

National/Regional Series

Anyone can enter these events. The top 10 male and female Elite finishers (with roll down) and top 10 male and female finishers in each age group (no roll down) unlock entry into the Championship for their region. For example, US National Series racers will qualify for the North American Championship.

2019 National/Regional Series are:

  • South American Regional Series
  • Mexican National Series
  • Canadian National Series
  • United States National Series
  • France National Series
  • Spain National Series
  • Italy National Series
  • UK + Ireland Regional Series
  • CEU Regional Series
  • DACH Regional Series
  • Australian National Series
  • SEA Regional Series
  • East Asia Regional Series

For Elite Racer:


For Age Group Racer:


 Athletes ranked below 1000 in their Age Group category do not earn points.




To qualify for one of the 5 gated Championships, you must be a top 10 Elite or Age Group finisher (male or female) at any regular season race (as well as all National / Regional Series events). A rolldown mechanism for elite category athletes exists globally.

 The 2019 Championship events are as follows:


2019 World Championship

Elite spots are scarce with just 600 total Elite spots available (300 men/300 women). There are only 2000 spots for Age Group racers (200 per age group, 100 male/100 female). Elite and Age Group athletes will have the course reserved entirely for themselves for an entire day at the World Championship.

Racers can qualify in 2 main ways:

  1. By ranking high enough at a National/Regional Series. See the chart below for the number of spots allocated per series. If a racer does not register during the 7 day roll down week following the last race of each series, they will forfeit their spot and the next racer on the list will be invited. This will continue until all spots allocated to that series is taken.
  2. By ranking high enough at a Championship (eg. North American, European) you will also be invited to the World Championship. See chart below for the number of spots allocated to each Championship.
  3. The follow racers also are automatically invited
    1. Any Prior male or female Spartan Elite World Championship winner
    2. Top 10 male and female elite racers from the prior year’s Spartan World Championship
    3. Any male or female elite Championship winners from 2016-2019
    4. Age Group winners from the prior year’s Spartan World Championship


Rolldown Week

2019 World Championship qualification now occurs during Rolldown Week (not at each event as was the case previously).

Rolldown week begins immediately after Age Group awards at the last race of each National / Regional Series, and at each Championship. Rolldown week runs for 7 days and gives athletes present at the event who have qualified the first chance to sign up. Once these athletes have their chance to sign up, if any spots are left then qualifying email invitations will be sent to all remaining athletes not present.

 Important Details:

  • Qualifying athletes may be of any nationality / citizenship
  • Elite and Age Group racers that qualify for a Championship by attending a regular season race and obtaining a top 10 spot, are qualifying for the next calendar Championship in their region (for example, a race in Korea would act as a qualifier for the SEA Championship).



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